Two years. Two years is how long the Sherlock fandom has been waiting for this moment. Our sanity has slowly been deteriorating over on Tumblr and now, finally, we find out what happened. How he returned, where he’s been and John’s reaction. At least, that’s the plan.


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Before we begin with the details of the episode, it did not disappoint. In the normal Sherlock way that is. We were taken on some adventures, Sherlock was beginning to be his usual self and we were introduced to characters old and new. But there is one piece still missing; How the hell did he do it?

Theory #1

We begin with a flashback type scene to the fall. We see Sherlock in position with people dragging away Moriarty’s dead body behind him. They take it too a room where they have a (rather creepy) Sherlock mask and attach it to his face. Sherlock then jumps and we see that he is attached to a bungee cord. A bungee cord!? As he does we see Molly standing at a window watching him fall and he then bounces back up and smashes through the window where Molly is standing, seductively takes her face in his hands and kisses her before sexily walking off.

Meanwhile, Moriarty’s body is thrown down and the crowd gathers, with one guy pour fake blood all over the ground. John is still out of sight having been knocked over and then Derren Brown appears to hypnotise him. And just before we think we know what’s going on, BAM! It was Anderson telling Lestrade one of his theories. Damn. However this episode show that Anderson is us and we are Anderson. N denying it.

“I believe in Sherlock Holmes.”

“Well that won’t bring him back.”

We then see John with his moustache back at Sherlock’s grave, where Mary comes to hold his hand.

Where has he been?

So I’m still not sure what was going on at this point. This isn’t helped by the weird night-vision-helicopter-in-a-forest-somewhere. They’re following a man with long, dark curly hair. We then move on to the man being caught and then chained and beaten as a man speaks some Serbian to him. He then leaves to let his companion finish him off. But low-and-behold it’s Mycroft, and the man being beaten is Sherlock. Again, damn. Mycroft seems to have been in on Sherlock’s little plot the whole time and now he must return to London to help uncover and underground terror plot.

Back in London

Now back to John as he approaches 221B Baker Street again. It appears to be November which could explain the moustache? Maybe not. He looks afraid.

Sherlock is having a shave back in one of Mycroft’s offices. He is preparing for his return as they discuss what has been happening in his absence. It seems that Sherlock has been busy dismantling what was left of Moriarty’s network. A two year job apparently.

Back at Baker Street John is in Mrs. Hudson’s having tea. But she’s not happy. She expected a call at least John. She also hates the ‘tache. They return to the old flat which is still in its original condition. He then proceeds to tell Mrs Hudson why he chose now to come back; he’s met someone and he plans to propose.

“What’s his name?”


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