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  • Off the Record
    via theava

    LOCAL CORRUPTION? Not to put too fine a point on this one, but draw your own conclusions from this set of facts: DA David Eyster worked in Duncan James’ law office before being elected DA. Daniel Camara, 25, was originally charged with assault...

  • Otto Penzler is a larger than life name in the mystery field. He is the man behind New York City’s ‘Mysterious Bookstore’ as well as the Mysterious Press (Nero Wolfe’s current imprint!). He’s a true mystery maven. You can read about his recent The Big...

  • Post will be updated live. Moffat: "You look at Benedict in each series, he gets more and more handsome" but not as handsome as costar Rupert Graves. #Sherlock — Aaron Couch (@AaronCouch) July 9, 2015 #DoctorWho referring to #Sherlock as a fictional...

  • Oh Elementary, how I love you. When the show first premiered, many dismissed it as another inferior version of a acclaimed British series and nothing could surpass BBC’s Sherlock. Plus, a WOMAN as Dr. Watson; set in NEW YORK CITY! Blasphemy...

  • Ruthlessly butchered in the editing process, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) remains Billy Wilder’s most cruelly underrated and overlooked masterpiece; Wilder and collaborator, I.A.L. Diamond’s screenplay an exquisite extension of the super...

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The name's Paige. I play "The Sherlockian Game" aka "The Great Game", which focuses on resolving discrepancies in the Sherloc...

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