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  • Android wear is getting more attention as they provide excellent fitness tracking, calling, texting and lot more on social connectivity. Right from taking calls, fitness activity tracking to accessing notifications, these tiny wearables can do quick...

  • Android Wear is best used to measure your fitness regimen. From dawn to dusk, it stays with you sending you essential alerts. But then a little bit of diversion in this monotony is always welcome; by this diversion, I mean that you should allow yourself...

  • Are you wearing a smartwatch? Not likely. Despite the fact that modern wrist computers have been available for over three years, most people have not found them to be as desirable or necessary as the ubiquitous smartphone. They’ve gone from being "the...

  • Wondering how long it will take to get to work? There’s an API for that. Photo by VeloBusDriver on Flickr. You can now sign up to receive each day’s Start Up post by email. You’ll need to click a confirmation link, so no spam. A selection of 9 links...

  • Where does the smartwatch fit in as far as life-invading technology goes? Is it a device meant to complement your smartphone; echoing alerts whilst providing both quick access to information as well as marginally contributing to the inconveniences of...

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