Feedreader OEM - White Label Solution

Feedreader OEM combines all the robust functionality of our Feedreader end-user edition, incuding its unique smart feed, podcasting and intelliupdate features, with powerful customization and personlization capabilities. Add new feeds, change the name, revise the look and feel, or incorporate new services. No technical expertise or expensive, time-consuming programming required. Just rapid, cost-effective creation of a truly unique information portal that delivers a unified, intuitive experience to your end users – often in just one week or less!

Feedreader OEM empowers you to:

  • Alter the software name and version number, with no visible links to Feedreader
  • Control all graphical elements within the solution interface, including fonts and font sizes, colors (with gradients and backgrounds), icons, and minibrowser stylesheets
  • Customize splash screens and “About“ boxes
  • Change all application setttings, such as proxy server configurations, without the need for advanced technical knowledge
  • Add a “branding toolbar“ that includes buttons and images that conveniently direct users to available services
  • Define pre-loaded feeds, and allow users to easily add new feeds
  • Identify critical trends and patterns with in-depth usage tracking and reporting

And best of all, Feedreader OEM is fast and affordable. Pricing starts at just 700 euros, and simple customizations can usually be completed within one week or less.

Looking for a completely customized RSS reader? Then Feedreader OEM is the solution for you.

Benefits for Media Companies

With Feedreader OEM, media companies can create a convenient, truly personalized news and information solution for users by:

  • Adding their own feeds

  • Renaming the solution
  • Changing the news portal design
  • Adding valuable new services

Benefits for Corporations

Feedreader OEM is installed at leading businesses around the globe, with some deployments as large as 80,000 desktops. With Feedreader OEM, companies can leverage a powerful, fully-customized RSS reader to:

  • Promote intranet news feeds to employees
  • Limit news feeds based on corporate policies
  • Control user news and information from a single, centralized location
  • Design the look and feel of their news portal to comply with branding standards

Integrating RSS supports our cloud computing business needs and allows us to filter the inbound information by popularity as it forms the cloud

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